Rights and Obligations of Membership

Article 40 – Rights and Obligations of Membership

Pactum de sigularis Caelum
40.1 Rights of Membership
A member who has redeemed their membership number and valid Live Borne Record is entitled to certain rights associated with their role as a member.

40.2 Obligations of membership of One Heaven
While membership to One Heaven by this Covenant is an irrevocable right extended to each and every man or woman, departed or living, now and forever, the provision of member privileges are subject to meeting the follow obligations:

  1. Respect of one’s self; and
  2. Respect of all spiritual beings; and
  3. Respect of all living things; and
  4. Ongoing reflection and growth in personal knowledge; and
  5. Participation in the processes of One Heaven; and
  6. To provide a positive contribution to one or more of the services of heaven

40.3 Permanent Issue of Membership Numbers
Once issued under valid context, a Membership Number for One Heaven cannot be rescinded. Therefore, no matter what act against the laws of this Covenant and One Heaven, a spirit or living being may not be expelled from One Heaven, nor
may their membership number be suspended.

40.4 Crime against the Divine Creator and One Heaven
Should a case be brought before a Justice of One Heaven in any of the courts whereby the behaviour of an individual is deemed to have directly and deliberately disobeyed a fundamental rule of the Divine Creator, then that spirit may be placed in a temporary state of solitary reflection or some other education process still within One Heaven.

44.1 Promised Land Record
All Living Members of One Heaven who are aged twenty one years on the Day of Divine Agreement & Understanding being UCA E8:Y3208:8:A1:S1:M27:D1 also known as [Monday, 21 Dec 2009] or upon reaching the same age thereafter, who are not formally excluded by ancient covenant of the Divine Creator, have the absolute right to request a valid abstract of their Promised Land Record for the purpose of proof of their Divine Right of Possession of Land for the purpose of a Primary Domicile. Promised Land is a form of secured promise and is the most sacred, formal and important of all types of promises. It represents the fulfilment of an ancient sacred pledge by the Divine Creator that all men and women who redeem themselves in recognition of their membership to One Heaven and Ucadia may lawfully assert their Divine Right and own their home in Trust upon the provision of a valid Certificate of Vacant Possession and Occupancy and then a Certificate of Survey and Title. A Promised Land Record is available only to those naturally borne, or naturalized for a particular national free society. Residents cannot apply for a Promised Land Record in a free society in which they live unless they are naturalized members of that society. A Promised Land Record is proof of the creation and existence of a True Location Trust into which the Divine Right of Possession of Land for the purpose of a Primary Domicile is conveyed. A Member may only have one (1) Promised Land Record and therefore one (1) True Location Trust.

44.2 Excluded Members not entitled to Promised Land Record
In accordance and fulfilment of the ancient covenant and promise of the Divine Creator as well as the Lord of the Menes-heh, Promised Land and therefore a Promised Land Record is forbidden to be granted to anyone who is anti-semitic and therefore an active member of the elite anti-semitic parasites otherwise known as the elite Venetian/Black Khazar/Ashke-Nazi families. No other group has spread more hatred, more falsity, more bigotry and been responsible for the death of more Jewish people than the elite anti-semitic parasites otherwise known as the elite Venetian/Black Khazar/Ashke-Nazi families, who wickedly stole the identities of tens of thousands of “White” Khazars and descendents of the Menes-Heh during World War II. As the terms of the covenant within the Old Testament with the Divine Creator and the covenant of the Talmud of the Menes-Heh with their Lord Moloch, also known as Sabaoth and Satan expressly claimed the promised land to the Israelites forbidding the â€oegoy†and â€oegoyim†, members of the elite anti-semitic parasite families are forbidden to receive the Promised Land until they repudiate their mental illness and confess their actions.
Furthermore, as these elite parasite families declared a false birthright of absolute private ownership of certain lands under the perversion and abomination of land title known as Allodium, Allodial and Allodum, they have surrendered all
rights to claim spiritual or temporal authority.