Canons of Law

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Canons of Cestui Que Vie

(Canonum….) 2043 – 2057

Canon 2042:

In 1534, prior to the 1st Cestui Que Vie Act (1540), Henry VIII declared the first Cestui Que Vie type estate with the Act of Supremecy which created the Crown Estate. In 1604, seventy (70) years later, James I of England modified the estate as the Crown Union (Union of Crowns). By the 18th Century, the Crown was viewed as a company. However by the start of the 19th Century around 1814 onwards upon the bankruptcy of the company (1814/15) , it became the fully private Crown Corporation controlled by European private banker families.

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Canons of positives law

(Canonum De Ius Positivum)

art. 289

Force, is either valid lawful compulsion by authority te perform or refrain from certain actions or unlawful violence. When properly authorized, force is also known as “enforcement”.

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Canons of Bio-ethics Law

(Canonum De Ius Virtus Naturae)ii. The Canonum De Ius Virtus Naturae represents the primary, one and only true first canon of Bioethical Law. Excluding the Covenant of One Heaven, all other laws, claims and agreements claiming standards of Bioethical Law shall be secondary and inferior to the Canonum De Ius Virtus Naturae ab initio (from the beginning); and

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Canons of Divine Law

89.1 Canons of Divine Law (link)

By this most sacred Covenant, the Canons of Divine Law are formed, also known as Canonum De Juris Divina.

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