Canons of Cognitive Law

Article 91 – Canons of Cognitive Law

91.1 Canons of Cognitive Law

By this most sacred Covenant, the Canons of Cognitive Law are formed, also known as Canonum De Ius Cogitatum . All standards of Divine Law as it pertains to Cognitive Law are subject to inclusion in the Canon of Cognitive Law.

91.2 Primary and only true 1st Canon of Cognitive Law

The Canonum De Ius Cogitatum represents the primary, one and only true 1st canon of Cognitive Law. Excluding this Covenant, all other laws, claims and agreements claiming standards of Cognitive Law shall be secondary and inferior to the Canonum De Ius Cogitatum ab initio (from the beginning).

Any law, court orders, opinions or other quasi legal claim that contradicts this most sacred fact, or contradicts one or more clauses contained within Canonum De Ius Cogitatum shall be ispo facto null and voided from the beginning.

91.3 Structure of Canon of Cognitive Law

The Canon of Cognitive Law, also known as Canonum De Ius Cogitatum is structured into One (1) Book, which in turns is divided into Chapters, which in turn are divided into articles and then one or more Canons within each article.

The major Chapters of the Canon of Cognitive Law shall be:

I. Introductory Provisions
II. Mind (PSY)
III. Biological Systems (PSYBIO) canons…>>> MMC university…>>>
IV. Mind Development (PSYDEV) canons….>>> university…>>>
V. Mind Influence (PSYTELL) canons…>>>

III.   Biological Systems (PSYBIO)

3.1 Neuron

Article 75 – Unipolar Neuron

Canon 1130 (link)

Unipolar Neuron is the name given to a type of neuron possessing only one (1) connection between the cell body, an axon and absence of dendrites as demonstrated by sensory neurons.

Canon 1131 (link)

Unipolar Neurons are present in all forms of Type IV Complex Life forms as well as Type V – Self Aware Life forms.More information is found on the MMC University website…>>>

Defenition of Devine standard model of universal elements

a system and subset of the Divine System of Classification being six (6) levels and sets of elements of the universe being UNITA, SUPER SUB-ATOMICS, SUB-ATOMICS, ATOMICS, MOLECULES and LIFE

Defenition of Unita, Super Sub-atomics, Super atomics

Link: AU2008202489 Ucadia Standard Model of Universal Elements (

IV.   Mind Development (PSYDEV)

4.1 Mind Development

Article 114 – Mind Development

Canon 1275 (link)

Mind Development is the growth and experience phases of the mind from the moment of inception to the ultimate fulfilment of mind.Mind development crosses both the physical dimension and the non-physical dimension.

Canon 1276 (link)

The development of the mind can be defined by certain ages, or phases called “Mind Ages” or “Degrees”.

Canon 1277 (link)

Whilst connected to a living body, the mind is influenced by its emotional state with the formation and recall of memories influenced by “emotional templates”.

More information is found on the Sante Sarbonne University website…>>> (onderwerp cognitieve psychologie en engineering.)

V.   Mind Influence (PSYTELL)

5.1 Mind Influence

Article 128 – Hypnosis

Canon 1348 (link)

Hypnosisis the third of four primary (4) methods of mind influence being the directinfluence of mind through a self-induced trance state during which the normalconscious filters suppressing certain existing memories or the formation of newuntested memories are suspended.

Canon 1349 (link)

The word Hypnosis is derived from two ancient Greek words uπνος (hupnos) meaning “sleep” and ωσις (-osis)meaning “condition”.

Canon 1350 (link)

As the operator during Hypnosis is an active participant with the subject in forming new memories, even when recalling claimed old memories, all results from hypnosis are highly subjective. So maleable and potentially unreliable is the material gained from hypnosis that false information can be deliberately or accidentally inserted into the mind of the subject during hypnosis, especially with children.

Canon 1351 (link)

As the results from hypnosis are highly unreliable and easily corruptable, the use of the results of hypnosis as the basis of any form of valid evidence or basis for formal legal investigation is prohibited.

Defenition of State

any higher estate under Roman (Western) law recognized as possessing political and topographical territorial boundaries and sovereign jurisdiction under parliamentary and government apparatus

Defention of Form

the shape, appearance and properties of an Object or Concept attributed through valid action or ritual in accordance with Astrum Iuris Divini Canonum. Form is never the Object or Concept itself, but the meaning and properties attributed to an Object or Concept through valid action or ritual. Therefore, all Form is fictional. Only four (4) valid Forms exist in Law, being PersonAnimal (creature), Notion and Thing.

Defenition of Body

servant of an Illuminated Mind and if used as a term to describe a Homo Sapien implies the absence of Reason and Mind

Defenition of Reason

From two earlier Latin words re=”about, regarding, with reference to” and sono=”to make a noise, the meaning of word(s)”. By the 16th Century, the original meaning of the word was masked by an additional definition “To argue, discourse, converse, talk in a sensible manner”. By the end of the 17th Century, it was now a scientific term “Of a FACTevent, or thing not dependent on HUMAN agency”. By the end of the 19th Century acquired its logical meaning “to think in a connected, sensible, logical manner in forming conclusions”.

5.2 Mind Influence System

Article 132 – Mind Influence System

Canon 1369 (link)

Mind Influence System is a comprehensive model and system designed to affect, manipulate and change the mind of entire populations of Homo Sapiens to achieve some relatively beneficial or detrimental result for the intended target population.

Canon 1370 (link)

The world’s first Mind Influence System that eventually replaced physical slavery with (voluntary) slavery of the mind, was formed by the Jesuits and Khazar / Magyar elite nobles in the 16th Century called Common Law and Democracy first tested in England and then replicated throughout most of the world.

Canon 1371 (link)

The word Democracy first created in the 16th Century is derived from two (2) Latin words demo meaning “to take away, subtract” and cratis meaning “ribs, framework; fasces, the bundle of sticks carried by Roman legions signifying Roman law and rights of (Roman) citizens”. Hence the true and original meaning of Democracy is “to take away, subtract Roman law and rights through Fascism”.

Canon 1372 (link)

By its true and original meaning, Democracy as the name for the 1st Mind Influence System is equivalent to Roman Fascism. Hence, the wide use of Fascist symbols pledging loyalty to the Roman Cult are used as symbols of democratic institutions throughout the world.

Canon 1373 (link)

The word Common (Law) first created in the 16th Century is derived from two (2) Latin words com/comitto meaning “to entrust, commit” and munis meaning “burden, public duty, service or obligation”. Hence the true and original meaning of Common Law is “to entrust, commit by consent to a burden, public duty, service or obligation by law”.

Canon 1374 (link)

By its true and original meaningCommon Law is equivalent to “voluntary enslavement” or “lawful slavery”.

Canon 1375 (link)

As all forms of slavery, servitude and bondage is forbidden, in accordance with these canons the use and reference of the term “Common Law” is reprobate, suppressed and never permitted to be revived.

Defenitie of Mind

Certain systems, properties and functional states of consciousness of a higher order being as distinct from the physical and biological processes of its flesh. As Mind defines certain systems, properties and functional states of consciousness, the term Mind is equivalent to the term “Awareness”.

The three (3) Forms of Mind are Lower, Higher and Divine:

Lower Mind, also known as “lower self” is physically constrained Mind derived from physical apparatus producing mind, such as a biological brain. When such an organ dies, so does a Lower Mind.

Higher Mind, also known as “higher self” is non-physical Mind derived from the production of a Lower Mind as well as a Divine Mind which is not constrained by physical location but chooses to obey the rules of universal laws as if it were constrained. When the Lower Mind dies, Higher Mind continues to exist.

Divine Mind also known as “divine self” is non-physical Mind equivalent to Unique Collective Awareness.

Defenition of Divine

any possessory Right, Gift or Grant of the Divine Creator

Defenition of Mean

“also “Mean” also “Means” the quality of having intention or purpose. Hence the definition of “”mean”” as having in mind a purpose. All Meaning is defined and subject to the seven (7) systems and one (1) state of being as defined by the Ucadia Model. The seven (7) Systems are Classification, Symbols, Semantics, Elements and Properties, Language, Axioms and Mind. The one (1) State of Being is Unique Collective Awareness

Definition of Ucadia (model)

Unique Collective Awareness (“UCA”) in Form and dimension with purpose through the creation and expression of symbolic models of Meaning in accordance with the Ucadian Model as the universe, as absolute existence and the living dream of the Divine Creator