Article 38 – Membership

38.1 Membership (link)

By the power and authority of this blessed Covenant and the unity of spirit, no higher order soul, nor animal or other spiritual entity shall be excluded from entering One Heaven. No soul shall be cursed.

Furthermore, membership of One Heaven shall be a right extended to every living and every passed higher order mind, no matter what life they have lived, no matter what goodness, nor evil they have committed. No soul shall be excluded.

For heaven now being a right extended to the entire family of Homo Sapien Sapiens, those that have passed, those that now live and those yet to come, for the first time in the collective history of souls we may be one. No soul shall be forgotten.

38.2 Types of Membership (link)

There shall be one (1) and only one (1) type of membership of One Heaven through the assignment of the name of the higher order lifeform to their unique Membership Number as proof of their membership of the greater Unique Collective Awareness, also known as the Divine Creator.

38.3 Unique Membership Number of One Heaven (link)

By the Power and Authority of the Divine Creator, all men, women, animals, higher order life living and deceased are hereby recognized as full Members of the Unique Collective Awareness, also known as the Divine Creator and the Society of One Heaven Ab Initio (From the Beginning).

Full membership of the Unique Collective Awareness, also known as the Divine Creator, is a pronouncement of fact upon which the entire existence of the Universe depends. Therefore, to deny existence as a full member of the Unique Collective Awareness is to deny existence which is neither competent nor possible. Nor is it possible for a higher order lifeform or spirit demand it be recognized as wholly separate and independent from the Unique Collective Awareness as such an event, if even it were possible to achieve unanimous consent from all of existence to such a request, would cause all of existence to collapse.

Membership of the Society of One Heaven, also known as Heaven, also known as Paradise is separate to membership to the Unique Collective Awareness and the assignment of membership numbers and exists and has full validity whether a man or woman, living or deceased denies any such right, claims any false debt, denial of right, original sin, mortal sin, failed life or any other claims.

By the Power and Authority of this sacred Covenant, Membership cannot be transferred, denied, lost, stolen, bonded, enslaved, forgotten, suspended, canceled, damaged, destroyed or sold.

38.4 Consent by Divine Immortal Spirit as Member (link)

When a Divine Immortal Spirit chooses to be expressed in trust to living flesh, then such an event represents proof of the full consent of the Unique Divine Spirit to their membership of the Unique Collective Awareness and membership of the Society of One Heaven and the articles and canons of this Covenant.

Natural birth of the flesh is proof of lawful conveyance from a Divine Trust to a True Trust as a result of willing consent by the Divine Person to be born in accordance with these Articles. Therefore, the existence of the body of a living flesh Homo Sapien is proof of their divine (ecclesiastical) consent to obey this sacred Covenant.

38.5 Membership Number of One Heaven (link)

By the Power and Authority of this sacred Covenant, a Unique Membership Key of 144 digits representing a valid entry into the Great Ledger and Public Record of One Heaven shall be issued for each and every higher order lifeform and every higher spirit such as Homo Sapien Sapiens and above that has ever existed on planet Earth and henceforth at the instant of their birth now and forever more.

The first eighteen digits of the 144 digit Unique Membership Key is not only unique to each member, but shall be a unique moment in Ucadia Time representing the precise moment of unique birth of a higher order being that has ever existed in this Solar System.

Unique Ledger Number of Public Record of One Heaven
PrecessionP1Group 1
EraE1Group 1
YearY4Group 1
AgeA2Group 2
SeasonS1Group 2
MoonM2Group 2
DayD1Group 2
HourH2Group 3
MinuteM2Group 3
SecondS2Group 3
Total 18

38.6 Sacred Event of UCADIA Time (link)

When a Unique Membership number of eighteen (18) digits is created, it shall also represent a unique portion of Ucadian Time of its issue of the birth of a man, woman or higher order being.

By this sacred Covenant, no two members shall have the exact same Membership Key, therefore no two members shall be allocated the exact same sacred portion of time.

By the power and authority of this sacred Covenant, when a Unique Membership Key of One Heaven is created with the unique time of birth of a unique spirit, that instance of time shall be also be bound to that membership number, so that whoever is allocated that number also holds a Sacred Key of UCADIA Time.

Therefore, a Membership Key of One Heaven shall also literally represent a Most Sacred Key of UCADIA Time and when allocated shall represent A Sacred Redeemed Key of One Heaven is an object of the highest value and integrity as it represents the unique identification of a soul having rightful membership to One Heaven as granted to all souls by this sacred Covenant.

38.7 Membership Number as True Trust Number and Divine Trust Number (link)

As each Member that has consented to the rules of this Covenant who has chosen to be born into natural flesh, two Trusts and therefore two Trust Numbers exist being a True Trust Number and a Divine Trust Number.

A Divine Trust Number is different to a True Trust Number only in that the first two numbers are replaced with the two letters “OH” signifying One Heaven.

38.8 Issuing and Management of Unique Membership Number of One Heaven (link)

The Right to Issue The Sacred Membership Numbers of One Heaven shall also represent the living symbol of authority of One Heaven for a Society to managed the affairs of all existing members of One Heaven.

By the Power and Authority of this Covenant, Societies of One Faith of God, One Islam, One Spirit Tribe and the Globe Union are hereby granted joint and equal authority of the Redemption of Membership Keys of One Heaven.

38.9 Pre-assignment of Unique Membership Numbers (link)

By this Sacred Covenant, all Unique Membership Numbers shall henceforth be pre-assigned for all men, women and higher order beings, living and deceased and for all men, women and higher order beings to come.

By the Power and Authority of this Covenant it is assumed that all Unique membership numbers of One Heaven exist and have full validity, whether the associated spirit or living man, woman or higher order life acknowledges this Unique membership number or not.

Furthermore, all organizations assigned on Earth by this Covenant to represent One Heaven are granted full authority to request and receive any and all official Membership numbers of One Heaven and their use in any official instruments demonstrating the highest security and guarantee.

38.10 Consent to membership of associated societies (link)

As a condition of membership, all members who have consented to this covenant by being borne into flesh also consent to the society granting reciprocal membership to the Globe Union, the relevant regional Union, the relevant National Free Society and State/Provincial Free Society in which they were borne, or have chosen to permanently live.

As each and every member who has chosen to be expressed in flesh full consents by the natural birth to their associated reciprocal memberships, these authorized and associated societies have the permission to keep and administer membership rolls for all those members living and deceased within their associated metes and bounds and to act on behalf of the best interests of their members in protecting their rights and restoring any rights and/or property previously corrupted or taken by non-aligned alternate societies.

38.11 Alias and other false names not permitted (link)

The use of aliases and other false name devices as the basis of recording the membership of any man or woman in the Great Register of One Heaven is not permitted.

All memberships must be based upon the true and lawful name of a man or woman, not an alias, or other false name.
Any man or woman who uses an alias or false name as the basis of redemption of their membership number in the Great Register of One Heaven shall be guilty of the most gravest crime against the Divine Creator and the Covenant of One Heaven.

38.12 Ownership of Unique Membership Numbers (link)

Membership Numbers shall remain at all times the complete property and ownership of the Unique Collective Awareness, also known as the Divine Creator and solely administered by the Society of One Heaven on behalf of the Divine Creator and all Divine Persons and Spirits, with no other Society, spirit or collective having any rights whatsoever to claim this as their property.

When Membership numbers are allocated, they are done so with the recipient being granted use or usafruct of the Trust/Estate which is their Claim of Right to administer their own Estate as General Executor. The Society reserves the right to withdraw such use for any and all except use by the unique individual spirit to whom the membership number represents.

38.13 Membership Exclusion (link)

By this Covenant, no living man or woman, no departed soul or honorary spiritual entity shall be excluded from Heaven by any claim, or warrant, law, edict or appeal to suspend or amend this rule, from any society on Earth or in Heaven.

From the Day of Redemption forward, It shall be a crime against Heaven to claim any man or woman is denied right of entry or to print, reproduce and/or transmit any information stating such a false claim.

38.14 Voluntary Membership Exile (link)

In accordance with Divine Will, the birth of any man or woman is proof of the existence of a unique Divine Trust and a solemn ecclesiastical agreement between the Divine Person and the Divine Creator also known as the Unique Collective Awareness which cannot be broken by any temporal force.

Therefore when any living higher order spirit instanced in flesh seeks to demand their membership to Unique Collective Awareness be rescinded, removed, abrogated, expunged, such an act is a formal declaration of complete incompetence of the flesh and mind. When this occurs, the Society of One Heaven is granted full authority to appoint any necessary Executors and Administrators to continue to manage on behalf of the incompetent higher order spirit their associated trusts and trust property.

The choice of the higher order spirit to enter into a form of voluntary exile or repudiation of the Covenant and the Society of One Heaven shall have no material impact on their continued status as a member of the Unique Collective Awareness and the administration of their membership number and trusts.
Any court order, demand, claim or charge from a temporal force less than the Divine Creator or the Supreme Court of One Heaven to remove a member’s name, trust number from official records shall have no lawful effect and therefore shall be null and void from the beginning of issue.